Functional Flexibility and Awareness Classes

Functional flexibility and awareness classes develop meditative body awareness, relaxation and stability with a focus on breath, joint mobilisation and the correct use of the body’s centre of gravity during movement as taught in various Eastern physical systems: Yoga, Chi Kung and martial arts.

Strong, flexible hips and shoulders are vital for healthy athleticism and the emphasis is on improving function in these joints and building core strength to avoid injury in any sport. Strength, stability and dynamic flexibility are taught through movements commonly used in yoga and martial arts, rather than isolation exercise.

Classes are 90 minutes, take place on soft mats and are designed to complement Martial arts or other athletic activity although anyone is welcome to attend.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing you can move around in – Classes are low impact, but you can expect to sweat if you are unused to this kind of practice
What to bring: Yourself. Mats are supplied
When: Wednesdays 18h30-20h00, Saturdays o9h30-11h00
What it costs: Included in your training fees if you are a student at the dojo. For non-Aikido students, the fee structure is here

About instructor Niki Vetten:
I have practiced Aikido for 8 years and Yoga and Chi Kung for 7 years. I teach anatomy and injury-prevention for yoga teacher training and movement anatomy workshops in the Johannesburg yoga community. I’m aware that yoga often causes sacroiliac instability and other hip problems for athletes so these classes are designed to develop hip flexibility but avoid the extremes and injuries that are often associated with yoga.
Exercise on soft mats make it possible to explore core body strength in a safe and fun way with tumbling practice for students who need to improve their skills for Aikido and other martial arts (and for those who are feeling adventurous) although this is not expected of all students in classes

If you have any questions or would like to join this class, contact me here: