Farewell Sensei Gilbert Maillot

Photo of Gilbert Maillot
Sensei Gilbert

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Sensei Gilbert Maillot.

Some of you might have known that Gilbert sensei had an operation two years ago to remove half of his stomach due to cancer. Being who he was and dedicated to his art and teaching he was back at his training within two weeks of the operation.

In September when he visited us, he complained about some stomach problems which he had checked on his return to France. After many tests nothing was found until another check up in December, when some small cancer lumps where found in his stomach. He was advised that chemo therapy would be the best solution and that he would need to start in January, but after his hospitalization and return home, he become worse and passed away on the 27th December.

His funeral took place on  the 30th December, and was attended by family and many of his Aikido students from all over France. He will be remembered for his great teaching style and simple flowing movement. I do believe that he brought another facet of Aikido to South Africa and helped us grow in our Aikido and for that we will remember him with fondness. A special seminar will be held in France soon in his honor, and I will keep you updated as and when I get the information.

On a personal note, Gilbert was not only my uncle but also my mentor in many aspects of my life, and I think the best way I can honor him will be by training and sharing Aikido principles  with anyone who is interested in a lifestyle of peace and harmony.

Rest in peace Sensei Gilbert and we will remember you every time we train, by saying “ it’s easy”

David Pierre-Eugene

Sensei Gilbert teaching in Joburg August – September

Sensei Gilbert Maillot

Sensei  Gilbert Maillot (5th Dan) will be visiting South Africa at the end of august for a few weeks. We will be hosting him in Johannesburg at the Northcliff Dojo. He is also planning to visit Durban and Cape Town although those details are still being confirmed. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Here are the dates for Johannesburg:

27th August to 1st September :

  • training at Northcliff Dojo at normal class times during the week. There will be a R50 mat fee per class for non-SAAA members
  • weekend camp on Friday 31 Aug( 6:00pm to 8pm) & Saturday1 Sept ( 9am to 12 am & 3pm to 5pm)  at Northcliff Dojo. Cost: R450.

18th to 27th September :

  • training at Northcliff Dojo at normal class times during the week. There will be a R50 mat fee per class for non-SAAA members

Gilbert Sensei visiting in January and February 2012

Sensei Gilbert Maillot (5th Dan) is once again visiting from France. He will be in South Africa at the end of January and hold classes in Paarl, Stellenbosch and either Durban or Johannesburg. Here is a summary of his projected training program:

  • 30 Jan – 2 Feb: Classes at Johannesburg School of Aikido dojo during normal training times
  • 3 – 9 Feb: Weekend camp in Cape Town, either at University of Cape Town or Stellenbosch dojos, 3-5 Feb, Classes during the week at Cape Town dojos
  • 10 – 12 Feb: Weekend camp in Paarl
  • 13 – 16 Feb: Training in Johannesburg at our dojo
  • 17 – 19 Feb: Weekend camp in Durban at the University of Natal, Westville Campus.

All are welcome. There will be a mat fee of R50 for weekday classes (this is in addition to monthly training fees at respective dojos) and weekend training camps are R450. A daily rate can be negotiated for those unable to attend the entire weekend.

Enquiries: please call David on (082) 606 1335

Typical weekend camp program Continue reading “Gilbert Sensei visiting in January and February 2012”