Durban Aikido hosts Darko Sensei for dynamic training camp

December 2013

“Integrate your natural reflexes into your aikido”: this was one of the key themes that emerged during the South African Aikido Association’s final camp for 2013. The camp was held in Durban, with Durban Aikido Club hosting Darko Vucetic Sensei as the guest instructor and examiner.

Durban Aikido, under Kevin Gouden Sensei, is renowned for both its martial spirit and its openness to new ideas. The gathering of Durban and Joburg aikidoka received Darko Sensei’s classes with a palpable determination to learn – and a seriousness that had Darko Sensei (who often spices his demonstrations with humour) assuring the more junior practitioners that it’s okay to smile while on the mat. Continue reading “Durban Aikido hosts Darko Sensei for dynamic training camp”

Johannesburg School of Aikido moving to Linden

Sensei Darko now has a dedicated Aikido dojo. As of 1 August, we will have our own training venue in Linden, at 41, Seventh St offering classes from Monday to Friday.

We will now be offering children’s Aikido in the afternoons from 14h00-15h00,  taught by Sensei Steven Gordon.

There will be separate classes will  for beginner and intermediate/advanced Aikido students  from Monday to Thursday 18h30 to 21h30: Sensei Darko Vucetic will be teaching three advanced classes a week, with Sensei David Pierre-Eugene and other senior students teaching the rest of the classes.

Niki Vetten teaches strength, flexibility and breathing classes on Wednesdays 18h30-20h00 and Saturdays 9h30-11h00 which are suitable for anyone, not just Aikido students.

The first class in the new dojo will be a general class on Wednesday 31 July from 18h30-20h00, thereafter, the new schedule applies.

download the new timetable here

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