Steven shodan!

The Joburg School of Aikido has a new shodan student in its ranks. Darko Sensei, assisted by David Sensei and Gail Sempai, promoted Steven to shodan after a long, intense grading on 10 November 2010. Steve spent well over an hour on the mat, along with Jon, Niki and Raees, who Continue reading “Steven shodan!”

Seminar with Terry Ezra Shihan

Terry Ezra Shihan (7th Dan) will be visiting Johannesburg once more in 2011 as a special guest of Wits Aikido. Ezra Shihan’s seminar takes place at the Wits Multi-Purpose Hall (above the squash courts) on the West Campus of Wits University from 11 to 14 February. The cost of the full seminar is R700, and all students are welcome. Continue reading “Seminar with Terry Ezra Shihan”