Veso Sensei in Durban

Darko Sensei, Steve and Colin travelled down to join the Durban Aikido Club in December 2009 for a second weekend of training with Veso Sensei.

Velibor Vesovic Sensei (6th Dan) is the president of the Serbian Aikido Federation and the highest-ranked aikido teacher in Eastern Europe.

Veso Sensei conducted a grading, as well as a session in the Russian martial art of systema, at the Durban Aikido Club, before holding a series of open aikido training seminars at the KwaZulu-Natal provincial training academy over the second weekend of December.

Durban was kind with its weather (not good for the beach, but good for extended sessions of aikido), while Steve was pleased to share uke duties with Kevin Sensei and Craig from the Durban club!

Our thanks to the Durban guys for an great venue, impressive turnout – and lively entertainment!

To Veso Sensei: thank you for another world-class weekend of aikido, and we hope to see you again in 2010.