Crash Course with Veso Sensei!

Velibor Vesovic Sensei (6th Dan), president of the Serbian Aikido Federation and the highest-ranked aikido teacher in Eastern Europe, visited Johannesburg in the first week of December 2009. At a series of open training seminars held at Wits University, Veso Sensei delivered a master “crash” course on the integration of sword, staff and open hand aikido technique; and on the importance of breathing – and smiling! – in aikido.

It was more of a crash course for some than others – notably Veso Sensei’s “favourite” uke, Steve, who pretty much did double the work of everyone else; particularly during an uninterrupted three-hour Saturday morning session that few will forget in a hurry!

Our sincere thanks to Veso Sensei for making the long journey to the bottom tip of  Africa once again. And to Jawaid Babamia Sensei and Phil from Wits Aikido for their excellent venue and company on the mat.

It was also great to have Canadian expat Mike, a former long-time member of our school, at the Friday evening session; and Craig Borman Sensei of the Shizentai Aikido Dojo, Johannesburg at the Sunday morning session.

Sorely missed, on and off the mat: Darko Sensei, who had to travel to Belgrade at late notice; and Jon, who has just undergone an operation on his elbow. Our best wishes to Jon, and to Darko’s Dad, for full and speedy recoveries!