Aikido Demo @ Summer Place

The Johannesburg and Sandton Schools of Aikido joined forces to put on a demonstration for the smart crowd at a corporate dinner function at Summer Place in Sandton on 19 November 2009.

Darko Sensei, David Sensei, Gail, Neill, Steven, Tony and Colin spent a couple of classes rehearsing a 2-minute + 15-minute show that gave a sharper edge to travel technology firm Amadeus’ Japanese-themed annual awards evening.

In the first act, a gang of ruffians (David, Neill, etc) were cut down to size after picking on the wrong old man with walking stick (Darko).

In the second act, opened by Gail and David with the bokken, the class took turns attacking Colin (with katatetori), Neill (ryotetori), Steven (yokomenuchi), Darko (shomenuchi), Gail (ushiro ryotetori), David (tsuki), and Darko with the tanto (at which point the audience went noticeably quiet).

To end with, Neill and Colin double-teamed Darko – much amusement as Darko variously up-ended them, tied them in knots and put them back in their places.

Video to follow – watch this space!